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A whole house or distributed audio system brings high-quality sound to various spaces within your home or business based on your desires.

STO can provide a consistent experience as you move between rooms.  Whether you want to watch TV experiencing commercial quality movie sound, connect your cell phone for streaming audio, or tune in your favorite music, you are sure to find a multi-zone audio system that will work for you.

With STO Sound & Vision, installing a distributed audio system in Greater Philadelphia area  for your home or office is made simple.


Here at STO Sound & Vision, we listen to your requirements, see your vision, and recommend components based on your actual needs instead of offering a cookie cutter solution based on what the last customer needed. Our expert home and office automation company in Greater Philadelphia area  is here to create the custom solution to bring your dream audio system to life, and we won’t be satisfied until you are. Turn your home of office space into one with pristine, luxurious sound that makes your guests feel like they are on vacation, and ensures your biggest prospects that you mean business and you demand the best of the best, in everything you do. Contact our distributed audio geeks today and get started designing a streamlined audio integration system that takes your home or commercial office space to the next level.


Whether you’re looking for soft background music while you and your guests are dining, or your looking to turn things up to get the party jumping, a well designed audio system leaves the control in your hands.


For those who want to hear the every nuance, our audio systems use the best technology available to bring you crystal clear sound whether you are listening to your favorite opera or the latest action movie.


No two spaces are identical, and your home entertainment technology should be matched to your environment.  In order to meet your unique demands, STO will create a customized plan just for you.