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Imagine being able to go  to a movie theater, sporting event or symphony concert whenever you want without leaving your home. We are your home theater installation and design experts in the greater Philadelphia market that convert any empty space into an amazing home theater to deliver an authentic movie theater experience in your own home.

We can work our magic even in small, compact spaces.

Home theater systems are a beautiful balance between sight and sound that will enhance and simplify your home entertainment. We can start from scratch or provide retrofit work to upgrade what you already have. Along with the installation of your home theater, we can also integrate all of your equipment; whole house music systems, remote controls, wifi, cameras and lighting. The options are endless.

At STO Sound and Vision, you will experience a hands on installation process. During your free consultation, you’ll meet the owner, Michael, to help you plan and decide on design. He’ll also write our a detailed scope of work, so there are no hidden fees.

Once installation is complete, you’ll be taught to work the equipment, saving you the time and frustration of having to learn on your own. When were done, you’ll be left with complete luxury.

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