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Stream in every corner of your home.

eero Home WiFi Systems wirelessly connect

to blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi.

The world’s best-reviewed WiFi.

With 2x better performance than the original, the 2nd-generation eero WiFi system ensures you’ll get powerful mesh WiFi in every nook and cranny of your home, backyard included. No more dead spots, slow spots, drop-offs, or buffering — right out of the box.

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From the window to the wall.

An eero and two eero Beacons perfectly cover most homes. While many systems limit the number of access points, eero lets you add as many as you need to customize a system to your space. eero TrueMesh™ technology ensures a consistently awesome connection when and where you need it.

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Life is just better with eero.

Everything about eero is easy. Installation takes minutes, and the app makes managing connected devices simple and intuitive. And best of all, the whole family will be streaming, surfing, and gaming — simultaneously — without skipping a beat.

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Stays new and only gets better.

Regular software updates bring new features, improve performance, and ensure your security is always up-to-date. Unlike other WiFi systems that require you to download and install the latest software, with eero your system stays new and gets better.

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