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STO Sound & Vision is helping retail stores like yours by incorporating the utmost innovative technology, from climate control to smart lighting, in retail stores and malls. Keeping your customers in mind, our team can customize any commercial automation solution to suit your needs. We know how competitive it can be in the retail market and we are here to help your business exceed your customers’ expectations. Research has proven that customer experience is a crucial aspect to the success of your retail storefront or mall. With state-of-the-art commercial integration systems for retail outlets, you can take the retail shopping experience you present up a notch. Opt for any of the following commercial integration systems for your retail store and not only improve your customer experience, but also improve your ROI from your utilities.


You’ll want to make sure you retail store has the proper security technologies and procedures in place in the event of an emergency. In the retail world, theft is your biggest concern and a basic surveillance system or cheap security cameras are not going to do the job. In fact, retail stores and small shops that install cheap security cameras end up having a crime happen and not being able to identify the perpetrator. STO Sound & Vision can equip your retail store with our quality, state-of-the-art security and video surveillance – in the even you need to use facial recognition to identify a thief.


Help your customers to feel comfortable in your store, at all times, with a climate control / HVAC smart system for retail. Today’s HVAC and thermostats go above and beyond the call of duty. Instead of blasting the AC all day or having to constantly turn the thermostat up or down, smart climate control solutions like Nest manage the humidity and climate of your retail store at all times, so that you don’t have to. STO Sound & Vision are experts when it comes to modern, energy efficient, climate control system installations for retail stores.


You may not think so, but the lighting of a store can make or break it. Lighting that is too bright and shows lots of flaws or doesn’t compliment all colors, could deter buyers from purchasing certain pieces. On the other hand, some stores set their lighting so dim that buyers don’t really get to see how the items look in regular lighting and then are not happy with their purchase when they finally see it in better lighting. How can you find the in-between? Smart lighting for retail stores is nothing new, but more and more stores are realizing the impact that lighting and technology has on not only the visual appearance of their products, but also how it reflects their brand and message. In order to showcase the wonder of your products, integrate smart lighting in order to create an exceptional shopping experience.


Most store and shops have music playing when their customers walk in. In some stores it is too loud, in some stores you can barely hear it, and in some stores the music does not really match the tone or mood of the store. Ditch the generic sound system that everyone hates and opt for a premier audio system installation for your retail store. STO Sound & Vision installs state-of-the-art sound systems for retail stores that can work in conjunction with lighting and even visuals to set an all-encompassing mood, tone, and set the message for your brand.


Keyless locks and keycard access panels can help further protect your business. Complete access controls give your retail storefront or mall entryways and key exists added security. Access control panels installed will include smartphone integration, so you can arm your store while you are away, grant access to someone trying to enter, or use your smartphone as your access key.


STO Sound & Vision specializes in custom system integration for retail stores, malls, commercial properties, and more. With all of the above systems being crucial to your retail store functioning at its very best efficiency, a complete system integration for retail stores streamlines the utilization of all of systems. Our team can install a control panel that allows you to control the temperature, lighting, audio, security, televisions, and more. Control panels can come in the form of a light switch type, tablet touch screen wall mount, and be accessible through an application on your smartphone, tablet, or smart watch remotely. Completely streamline and integrate the technologies of your store and save on energy costs with custom integration systems for retail stores.

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