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Managers and restaurant owners alike strive to make their guests’ dining experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. However, there are many aspects that contribute to a truly refreshing and memorable dining experience. STO Sound & Vision can help restaurant managers accomplish their goals with maximum efficiency and added technological appeal that augment the customer experience and beat the competition.


Restaurant lighting is the one detail that can make or break the overall ambiance. STO Sound & Visions’ technology can create an unforgettable dining experience by controlling all lighting zones of your dining room from one remote location. Use our automated lighting systems to set the lighting to your preferences, at specific times of day and night, as well as to accommodate special needs of guests. Not to mention, lighting controls contribute to a reduction in energy costs for your business.


The music you play in restaurants accompanies and enhances the food, creates a certain atmosphere and vibe, and can influence menu options. Our audio systems bring high quality sound into various parts of your restaurant for added appeal. Our systems allow you to tailor your music for different parts of the restaurant; entrance areas, bars, dining room, washrooms, kitchens, and outdoor seating areas. These audio automation systems offer compatibility with Bluetooth, Pandora, iPod, iPad, MP3, TV sound, as well as CD players to create the ambiance you’re going for.


By using a quality video distribution control, you are adding an entertainment element to your guests’ experience. Restaurants that broadcast sports, music videos, and other media typically use multiple TVs with various remote controls, which can cause frustration. With video distribution automation technology, owners can easily gain controllable access to manage video systems throughout the entire restaurants, all from one interface.


A variety of challenges can pop up when managing a restaurant, security being one of the biggest. With integrated restaurant security systems from STO Sound & Vision, you can ensure your business is safe from internal and external threats, that your employees are adhering to operational standards, you can monitor fraudulent claims, and ensure that your customers are receiving a consistent experience with each visit. Our technology will enable you to observe the security of your business from a user-friendly device


It can be chaotic and stressful to run a restaurant that’s a success. Our restaurant automation technology and installation uses only the highest quality technology on the market to bring full system integration to your restaurant, meeting all of your demands. Full system integration from STO Sound & Vision allows you to easily manage all sources of lighting, music, security, and video of your restaurant from one, simple interface, customized to your needs

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