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STO Sound & Vision is a luxury commercial integration system installer in Pennsylvania, which may sound confusing, but what we do is simple: we turn your commercial business into one that is energy efficient and streamlined when it comes to the utilities running your building or establishment. When it comes to the hospitality industry, our expert installers have extreme precision and skills, ensuring that the security, lighting, sound, audio, and more is state-of-the-art for your hotel, tourism venue, or transportation center.


The entire atmosphere can be changed with lighting. Bright, fluorescent lighting is never inviting or flattering. When it comes to hotels, lighting is something that sets the mood, style, and class of not only your building, but also your brand. Guests are going to remember terrible lighting and associate it with the brand across the board. Choose lighting systems for hotels that accentuates the style and class you desire to attract. STO Sound & Vision can install the very best lighting system to take your hotel from drab to fab. Not a hotel? Lighting is very important for the tourism industry and public transportation facilities. Make sure that the lighting at your tourist venue, attraction, or transportation center is sufficient to ensure safety.


One of the most important features to any hotel or event venue is a fast WiFi network. Equip your hotel with a WiFi installation that can handle hundreds of users accessing it at the same time. Another important aspect of the WiFi for the hospitality industry is how secure the network is. Our team are experts at secure WiFi installations in Pennsylvania for hotels, tourism attractions, public travel facilities, and more.


To efficiently run and manage a hotel the utility budget as best as possible, energy management is vital to daily operations. Save green by going green with STO Sound & Vision. Our professional, commercial integration systems can include energy management systems and platforms, if desired. Coupled with climate control systems for hotels, management can have the lights turn off if a guest leaves their room for the day and forgets, can alter the AC temperatures depending on the time of day and the average temperature that guests enjoy their rooms at, and change the AC or heat levels according to the season. Manage the amount of energy your hotel or facility is exerting with an energy management system installation.


All of the above sounds great, right? What makes it even more awesome is that everything can be managed from one or various access control panels throughout your hotel or facility. Access control systems for hospitality allow guests to have the very best experience at your venue. Control the automated lighting, dim the lights during evening hours in your hotel, brighten the lights at your public transportation center, put lights on a timer, lock all main entryways during off hours, manage your HVAC system, sound, audio, and more, all from installed access control panels and applications

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