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Corporate automation not only adds to the prestige and style of a business but facilitates better time management and better quality work by making use of connected data systems. Commercial automation from STO Sound & Vision uses smart connected devices that you to cut costs, safeguard buildings, and create comfortable working environments.


Lighting is a crucial part of office production. The right lighting allows for an energy boost that results in an increase of productivity. STO Sound & Vision offers lighting controls that cater to the needs of your staff to create a comfortable and efficient environment.


A locked door adds only so much security. Take control of your office building with commercial security automation. By combining customizable alarm systems with high quality video surveillance accessible at your fingertips, you can rest assured knowing that your business and your staff are secure.


STO Sound & Vision can ensure your WI-FI capabilities are fast, secure, and readily available for computers, mobile devices, and appliances. Our commercial automation systems for Wi-Fi help to ensure your systems are well-designed for easy communication from business to business.


Building owners should be in control of energy consumption on their property. Cut your building’s carbon footprint by installing energy management solutions with Geeks of Technology. Our integrated energy management systems for your corporate building will reduce energy costs and optimize sustainability by using sensors to automatically adjust lighting and temperatures by day or by season. Going green is made convenient with commercial energy management solutions in South Florida.


Control entry to your office building with commercial automation from STO Sound & Vision. For an extra level of security that a lock and key cannot offer, we can introduce seamless access control technology to your corporate building to ensure restricted and monitored access, as well as convenient facility management.


While traditional phones have shifted out of many households, businesses still rely on physical phones for a number of benefits. Commercial automated phone systems allow for multi-line capabilities, programmable speed dials, and conference call options to help your business run efficiently. The phone system automation offered by STO Sound & Vision allows for individuality in configuration of your phone system, instead of requiring each employee to bend to a single standard.

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